For non members, private lessons will only be given to individuals through our scheduling system. NO REFUNDS of class, membership, or private lesson fees will be given.


Celerity Fencing Academy reserves the right to cancel a class or camp if there are not enough fencers signed up for the class or camp.  If a class or camp is cancelled, anyone who has already paid for the class or camp will have their money refunded in full.

In addition, activities on a particular day may be cancelled due to inclement weather, illness, or other unexpected circumstances.  If a class is cancelled, the current session will be extended to make up for the cancellation.  If a camp is cancelled on a particular day, 20% of the cost of the camp will be refunded (assuming a 5 day camp).  If the club is closed due to weather or other unexpected circumstances, the home page of this website will be modified to indicate the closure.  The closure will also be posted to the club facebook and twitter pages.

If a fencer is enrolled as a member they may schedule or drop lessons at any time.  If a non member fencer chooses a la carte lessons and decides not to take a class before the first session of class or decides to drop a class before the second session of the class, the cost of the class will not be refunded.  

If a fencer decides not to participate in a camp before the first day of camp, the cost of the camp will be refunded in full.  If  a fencer decides not to participate in a camp after the first day of camp but before the second day, 80% of the cost of the camp will be refunded.  After the second day of camp it will not be possible to get a refund for that particular camp.

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