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Jon Normile
Foil and Epee Coach
Stanton Brunner
Foil Coach
Kristjan Archer
Foil Coach
Eric Hernandez
Agility and Conditioning
Chris Bullwinkle
Academic Coach
Our Coaches

Coach Normile was trained by Dr. Aladar Kogler, one of the greatest coaches in US fencing history, for 15 years in the Hungarian fencing style.  Jon coaches epee from basic to elite competitive levels.  He also coaches basic and intermediate foil. Jon's approach to coaching is to focus on the technical fundamentals that are the foundation to a young fencer's future success.  Once a young fencer has a basic level of skill, Jon begins to teach the tactics of fencing in clear and practical terms.  Jon takes a patient and encouraging approach with all of his young students and he firmly believes that learning to fence teaches life lessons that go far beyond fencing. Coach Jon is a 2019 National Fencer's Hall of Fame Inductee and a graduate of Columbia University.

Coach Stanton helped lead the 1994 Notre Dame NCAA Men's Foil team to a National Championship and was ranked 11th in the country in Division 1 mens foil before retiring from competitive fencing. He trained for 8 years with Michael Marx, a five-time Olympian, and eight-time men's foil champion. Stanton coaches beginner foil.

Coach Archer is a successful foilists having achieved numerous international as well as NCAA distintinctions including Team Captain at Notre Dame University. 

Coach Hernandez, owner of Hernandez Knockout Fitness, LLC leads our agility, strength, and conditioning program, and enables our athletes to develop explosive speed, mental toughness, and the endurance needed to go deep into Direct Elimination (DE) rounds of fencing.

Coach Chris Bullwinkle has provided test preparation and academic support services to high achieving students for over a decade. While in high school he completed a minor in Mathematics, and was subsequently awarded a full academic scholarship to Johns Hopkins University to study Biomedical Engineering. He specializes in guiding and advising students seeking admission to the top college and University programs in the U.S. Admissions from last year include Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Georgetown, University of Chicago, MIT, and Columbia.

At Celerity Fencing Academy we are focused on providing a rewarding experience that inspires the personal growth necessary for each athlete to live better lives.

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