səˈlerədē/ - Swiftness of Movement

fencing academy

At Celerity, we believe intellectual development, competitive excellence, and strength of character are equally essential to better futures for our clients

About Classes & Lessons

Celerity Fencing Academy programs provide the training students need to progress from the beginner level to national competition and beyond. Group classes, private lessons with top foil and epee coaches, open practice times, college counseling, and agility, strength and conditioning cross-training are unique aspects of our program.


Beginning fencers usually start in our recreational program. The recreational program allows those who are new to fencing to interact in a fun setting while they learn about the sport.


Group classes provide a wide variety of different practice partners to learn and spar with. We have group classes for all levels of fencers, up to and including our nationally competitive advanced fencers. 

Open Fencing

In addition to sparring during their group classes, fencers need time to integrate their techniques and tactics into a fully-rounded game. We encourage our fencers to participate in open fencing bouts at our new location: BASIS Independent School Gym: 8000 Jones Branch Road, McLean, Virginia 22102,Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 PM until 9:00 PM.

Private Lessons


Once athletes start to express interest in competition and as recommended by our coaches, it’s time to start thinking about private lessons. Private lessons are a more intense training workout and allow the coach to refine specific techniques and tactics. Coaches usually give lessons during open practice times, or by appointment if you are not under contract.

A La Carte (Non Members) 

Not ready to commit to a membership?  No problem! We offer each of our services a la carte. Go to SCHEDULING to join a class or schedule a private lesson with no contract.  Acceptance into our Advanced Fencer classes are subject to approval by the coach.

Address:  8000 Jones Branch Road, McLean, Virginia 22102
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BASIS School Gym | 8000 Jones Branch Road | McLean, Virginia 22102